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Nick Cave Unveils Bunny Munro Soundtrack

Nick Cave has a lot more in store for the release of his second novel, The Death of Bunny Munro, than a few creepy dramatic readings. Along with an e-book, audiobook, and video of Cave narrating his new “bizarre road trip” book to you, the iPhone app store is now stocked with a full soundtrack to his follow-up to And the Ass Saw the Angel, NME reports.

“The fact that the reader can choose his or her own experience is interesting because the true meaning of a book lies in the reader’s own interpretation and the circumstances of that interpretation,” Cave said of the multimedia Bunny Munro experience.

Cave teamed up with his The Proposition collaborater Warren Ellis, as well as Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard for the project. Forsyth and Pollard, an artistic duo who are presumably not in charge of marketing the soundtrack, dropped the project’s best selling point to date: “We’ve not heard anything like this before – the result sits somewhere between a film soundtrack, a radio play and an hallucination.”