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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunny Day Real Estate: “Seven” (Live on Jimmy Fallon Video)

Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder – (Music Video)
Another surreal treat from Major Lazer – aka Diplo and Switch. This time we get to see clubbers turned into melting cartoon zombies and zapped to death by our favourite Jamaican commando.

Thom Yorke forms new band, announces two nights in Los Angeles

When word came of Thom Yorke’s latest solo endeavors earlier this month, word also came that the Radiohead frontman might tour in support of the release.

Well, as it turns out, a Yorke solo tour, or whatever you call two dates in Los Angeles next month, will indeed be happening.

Thom, take it away…

in the past couple of weeks i’ve been getting a band together for fun to play the eraser stuff live and the new songs etc.. to see if it could work! here’s a photo.. its me, joey waronker, mauro refosco, flea and nigel godrich. at the beginning of october the 4th and 5th we are going to do a couple of shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. we don’t really have a name and the set will not be very long cuz ..well …we haven’t got that much material yet! but come and check it out if you are in the area. we’ve also got locals Lucky Dragons playing.
all the best

So, to recap, just in case you missed any of the above thanks to another of those Radiohead induced comas, Thom Yorke, along with drummer Joey Waronker, percussionist Mauro Refosco, bassist Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers duh!), and longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, will take to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on back-to-back nights in early October for performances featuring material from Yorke’s solo album, Eraser, and his recently released 12″, but because this apparently isn’t much material, it won’t be very long. Oh yeah, and Lucky Dragons will be opening.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Shins’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse Team Up for New Band

Mercer has teamed up with producer extraordinaire/one half of Gnarls Barkley Danger Mouse to form a new band. The band’s name is still up in the air, but they’re going with Broken Bells for the time being. The debut from Broken Bells (or whichever name they decide to go with, I guess) is due early next year on Columbia.

To be clear, this is not just a “produced by Danger Mouse” one-off thing. Mercer and the Mouse are apparently in it for the long haul and already have plans extending past their first album. The pair recently collaborated on the Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse album Dark Night of the Soul. Our review hailed the Mercer track, “Insane Lullaby”, as “one of the finest moments on the album.”
(via pfmedia)

Has a Stroke Gone to Rehab?

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This may be the wildest rumor since Rod Stewart got his stomach pumped, but there’s serious buzz in NYC nightlife circles that Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has halted recording on their new album to check into an L.A rehab.

The story goes that the other Strokes, no abstainers themselves, were so concerned about Hammond’s recent behavior that they urged him to check into an L.A. rehab within the past few days. Hammond’s stay has reportedly delayed recording sessions in New York for the Strokes fourth album, and is said to be costing the band a small fortune. No word on whether this supposed spiral had anything to do with the demise of his relationship with British supermodel Agyness Deyn. We emailed Hammond’s mouthpiece at Nasty Little Man p.r. about this nasty little rumor, and are awaiting an official response. We hope he’s okay!
(via Gawker)

Phoenix´s Thomas Mars to Write Music for New Sofia Coppola Film

Okay, this goes to show how little I know about celebrity couples: I had no idea, until today, that Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars has a baby with Sofia Coppola. Not only are the couple collaborating on the raising of their daughter, Romy, but now Coppola has tapped Mars to pen original music for her upcoming film Somewhere, The Playlist reports.

Although I’ve had Phoenix’s amazing new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix stuck on repeat all year, I’m not very familiar with their earlier work. It’s no surprise, then, that I never noticed the entire band’s cameo in Coppola’s last film, Marie Antoinette, where they serenade the title character with lutes.

Somewhere is slated for a 2010 release and stars Benicio Del Toro, Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning, and Robert Schwartzman (Rooney frontman, brother to Coconut Records’ Jason Schwartzman, and cousin to Coppola).

Hey, now that Coppola is keeping her films scores in the family, she should call up Nicolas Cage’s son Weston. If she dares…

Monday, September 28, 2009

Girls: Album (Album Review)

As unconventional musical ensembles go, Girls must surely register at the top of the pile when it comes to spontaneous muddled creations that confound any kind of pre-conceived expectations. Much loved by both the New York art-rock fraternity and UK underground indie scenes alike, this San Francisco duo and their assorted helping hands have somehow managed to conjure up an Album that doesn’t just hop between genres at random like an overexcited rabbit, but actually creates its own guessing game in the process, enticing the listener into a rabid frenzy of self-doubt. “What will come next?” indeed.

The story of Girls is even more sporadic, as main songwriter Christopher Owens’ nomadic upbringing as part of an ecclesiastical cult called the Children Of God undoubtedly accounts for many of the lyrical formats and themes that punctuate Album. From the opening line of first song ‘Lust For Life’ where Owens opines “I wish I had a father, I wish I had a loving man in my life” there’s almost a sense of regret that many artists with a similar story to tell would allow themselves to become embroiled and eventually bogged down in. Not Owens though, as the song itself turns into one of the most upbeat, guitar-orientated pop songs committed to vinyl all year.

What the other constant half of the duo, Chet JR White contributes to both band and record is a musical sheen that doubles as a production outlet, and therefore lifting Owens’ musings from the acoustic ramblings they no doubt began life as both towards the end of his separatist years and also in his first serious musical project Curls, which is how the two first met, White replacing Owens former girlfriend of the time as his main musical ally.

How many of the songs here reference his former beau only Owens can validate, but on the likes of ‘Laura’ (“I really want to be your friend forever”) and ‘Lauren Marie’ (“I might never get my arms around you but that doesn’t mean I won’t try”) there’s an impending sense of loss and regret that suggests Album would probably have never turned out in such dramatic fashion had Owens and his partner not gone their separate ways.

What makes Album such a timeless experience, however, is the way it borrows from four decades worth of popular music, whether that be the more traditional heartbreak rock’n’roll epistle that is ‘Ghost Mouth’, the Beach Boys speed comedown that is ‘Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker’, or reverb-tinged highlight ‘Morning Light’, which actually sounds uncannily like The Boo Radleys during their once-maligned but now historically revered Ichabod And I phase that kickstarted their career.

Aside from the musical delicacies on offer, and the majority of Album would have been obvious single material in another lifetime, its their frivolous experimentalism and willingness to toy with all aspects of the past that make Girls such an invitingly warm and honest proposition, and although Album’s lack of a coherent flow may prove to be its undoing with several purists, to these ears the whole element of surprise offers an engagingly pleasant sound.

Black Lips’ Jared Swilley and Wavves’ Nathan Williams in bar brawl

A fight between Black Lips’ Jared Swilley and Wavves’ Nathan Williams was broken up by police on Friday night (September 25).

Swilley was reportedly left bloody after the fight erupted at Daddy’s in Brooklyn, after both bands had played separate gigs in New York that night, reports Black Lips had been supporting Yo La Tengo at the city’s Roseland Ballroom, while Wavves took to the stage at the Market Hotel.

Both Swilley and Williams have spoken about the fight, though their statements are conflicting.

Williams says Swilley had approached him at 4am in the bar, and that his girlfriend then spat in his and his friends’ faces.

He stated: “I have no problem with Black Lips or anybody else that I haven’t met, but Jared has been at me every chance he had. I just want to play music and have fun. It was unfortunate that it escalated to that point, but he got what was coming to him.”

Swilley responded to Williams’ statement by denying he went after the Wavves man.

“First of all, I just wanna say that Wavves was NOT involved in that fight. Didn’t even touch me,” he said. “I’ve never ‘come after’ that kid, it wasn’t 4am, that wasn’t my girlfriend, no one was spitting, and I didn’t attack him. I don’t give a shit about that kid and his music.”

He went on to describe his version of events, and admitted that he called Williams a “faggot”.

He revealed: “What happened was, after we finished our set I went to Daddy’s with some friends and saw that faggot from Wavves talking to a photographer friend of mine. The only thing I did was walk up to him and say ‘You’re that faggot from Wavves and I don’t like you’. He smiled a bit but didn’t say anything.

“After that, I went outside and saw their tour manager hanging around with some guys. They started getting all chuckles with me and so I told them I wasn’t gonna have it. After that, Wavves tour manager hit me square in the face with a bottle. Blood started pouring out and six dudes fucking started kicking me until I blacked out. All I remember is getting hit with the bottle and my friends dragging me to another bar. They wrapped my head up until I looked like a Confederate soldier.”

Swilley added that his injuries forced him to miss three flights the following day, because his head “kept cracking open”.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Watch Clip: Jack and Meg in New White Stripes Documentary

Jack White caused quite a stir at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend, announcing the White Stripes’ denial from the Guinness Book of World Records, an upcoming album he recorded of Nashville transit bus drivers, and, of course, spoofing Kanye West. Most importantly, however, is that reviews of the new White Stripes documentary, Under Great White Northern Lights, have all been (pardon the pun) glowing.

A scene from the film, which sounds like a somewhat somber affair, came out today as an “exclusive” on multiple sites, but it’s up on good ol’ YouTube now, so there goes that. Between this scene and the much talked about poignant final “Meg crying” scene, I, for one, am hoping they found a distributor at TIFF to get this thing into theaters.

Watch Jack and Meg walk through a cemetery in Canada while a live performance of “We’re Going to be Friends” plays below[youtube=]

vivian girls: “when i’m gone” (Video)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beatles sell 2.25 million albums in 5 days

LOS ANGELES – Nearly 40 years after breaking up, The Beatles are still breaking records for album sales.

EMI Group PLC says consumers in North America, Japan and the U.K. bought more than 2.25 million copies of the Fab Four’s re-mastered albums in the first five days after their Sept. 9 release.

Most of the records were broken for most simultaneous titles in the top-selling charts by a single artist.

On Billboard magazine’s pop catalog chart, for example, the band had 16 titles in the top 50, including all 14 re-mastered CDs and two box sets.

The Beatles’ original U.K. studio albums were re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London over four years and released to coincide with the sale of “The Beatles: Rock Band” on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

The Reigning Sound: Love and Curses (Album Review)

As good as Reigning Sound’s 2004 album Too Much Guitar was, the title was both an accurate self-review and a preview of what was inside; the deep soul influences that made the group’s first two albums so memorable were pushed to the side, and while the album rocked hard and strong, it seemed as if bandleader and songwriter Greg Cartwright was ignoring an integral part of his musical personality in favor of making his music better understood to the nuevo-garage crowd. After a three-year layoff and a rewarding detour backing up Shangri-Las’ vocalist Mary Weiss on her fine solo album Dangerous Game (with Cartwright producing and writing most of the material), Reigning Sound have returned to the studio with Love and Curses. The album finds the group getting most of their balance back, and while calling it a return to form suggests Too Much Guitar was more flawed than it really was, Love and Curses gives a clearer and more compelling picture of what Reigning Sound does best. “Call Me,” “Only Want You More,” and “Is It True” confirm that Cartwright and his partners’ rock & roll is as tough as ever and bassist David Wayne Gay and drummer Lance Wille are a powerful and elemental rhythm section, but here they also make more room for the soulful edges of Cartwright’s voice and Dave Amels’ keyboards. And when the band turns down the tempo and lets their R&B influences step forward, Cartwright reaffirms that he’s one of the most powerful and affecting blue-eyed soul men recording today, and the spirit and passion in “Trash Talk,” “Something to Hold Onto,” and “Love Won’t Leave You a Song” is thrilling stuff that hardly anyone on the indie scene today can touch. Reigning Sound also dip their toes into the social relevance thing with the working class anthem “Stick Up for Me” and “Banker and a Liar,” a curious but fascinating finale which matches a slightly Dylan-esque lyric about the wealthy and corrupt backed with an accordion and a mandolin. Love and Curses features 14 songs driven by soul, strength and fierce belief, and with a voice as strong as Greg Cartwright fronting a band this tight and effective, Reigning Sound are just about unbeatable; they’re one of America’s great bands and they’re firing on all cylinders with Love and Curses.

The Flaming Lips- I can be a Frog (Music Video)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pearl Jam- Backspacer Vinyl Giveaway!!

Pearl Jam is about to release Backspacer, their ninth studio album, independently on their own MonkeyWrench label. As manager Kelly Curtis says, the band is “making good on its longstanding desire to release its music on its own terms.” It’s by no means a rejection of large corporations — in fact, Target is the the album’s exclusive mass retail partner, but as Curtis also say, it’s an effort to “make the music accessible across multiple platforms for our fans and work with businesses — big and small — supportive of [the band’s] overall sensibilities.”

So in celebration of this fantastic release we are giving away a 12″ Vinyl copy of the album..

So how can you win? It’s easy! Just send your name and address to WE HAVE A WINNER!! Andrew from Avondale Estates, GA.. Congrats Andrew.

Check out Pearl Jam’s new video “The Fixer”

Wes Anderson´s Fantastic Mr. Fox Soundtrack Revealed

If Wes Anderson was hoping for a lot of hype today surrounding the unveiling of the soundtrack to his upcoming stop motion animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox, the New Moon tracklist announcement probably didn’t help.

In his soundtrack Anderson combines a few predictable choices (Rolling Stones, Beach Boys) with some lesser-known artists (Georges Delerue, Nancy Adams) and a Jarvis Cocker-penned theme song to make for a pretty interesting playlist. And just when you thought you were winning, Chris Weitz, Anderson sees your Bon Iver contribution and raises you three Burl Ives tracks.

Check out the full list below (*Music Composed, Conducted, and Produced by Alexandre Desplat):

1. “American Empirical Pictures”*
2. “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” – The Wellingtons
3. “Mr. Fox in the Fields”*
4. “Heroes and Villains” – The Beach Boys
5. “Fooba Wooba John” – Burl Ives
6. “Boggis, Bunce, and Bean”*
7. “Jimmy Squirrel and Co.”*
8. “Love” – Nancy Adams
9. “Buckeye Jim” – Burl Ives
10. “High-Speed French Train”*
11. “Whack-Bat Majorette”*
12. “The Grey Goose” – Burl Ives
13. “Bean’s Secret Cider Cellar”*
14. “Une Petite Île” – Georges Delerue
15. “Street Fighting Man” – The Rolling Stones
16. “Fantastic Mr. Fox, AKA Petey’s Song” – Jarvis Cocker
17. “Night and Day” – Art Tatum
18. “Kristofferson’s Theme”*
19. “Just Another Dead Rat in a Garbage Pail (behind a Chinese Restaurant)”*
20. “Le Grand Choral” – Georges Delerue
21. “Great Harrowsford Square”*
22. “Stunt Expo 2004″*
23. “Canis Lupus”*
24. “Ol’ Man River” – The Beach Boys
25. “Let Her Dance” – Bobby Fuller Four