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Jack White’s Band Resume

Let’s try and count all the bands that Jack White has been in, shall we? There are the easy ones: the White Stripes, the Raconteurs and the new band, the Dead Weather. But let’s dig deep.

He was in a band called the Upholsterers with his old boss, a guy who ran a furniture re-covering business. He was in a band called the Hentchmen, an old Detroit band where he sang and played guitar. They have one album–which you can still find. He was the drummer in a band called Goober and the Peas under his old name “Jack Gillis.” And for a while, he was in a band called “The Go.” This doesn’t count any of the production work he’s done for people like Loretta Lynn or the James Bond stuff he did with Alicia Keys. Or all the guest appearance he’s made on other albums.

Jack White is one busy dude.