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Thom Yorke to Release “The Hollow Earth” Next Month

Just when we thought a week could pass without Radiohead shaking up the music news world via intentional song leaks and EP rumors, information about an actual physical release next month has been uncovered. Exclaim’s Brock Thiessen made contact with a source at Sonic Unyon distributors who confirmed a limited 12-inch of two new Thom Yorke songs, “Apart By Horses” and “The Hollow Earth,” to be released on September 22.

The release, by ATO’s TBD Records (Exclaim points out that this is the same label that put out the In Rainbows’ CD release), is limited to only 4,000 copies in North America, 4,000 in Europe, and 300 in Canada.

The most likely explanation for all this is that one or both of these new Yorke tunes are his contribution to the forthcoming New Moon soundtrack. After all, “The Hollow Earth” does sound a bit vampire-y, does it not?
(via twentyfourbit)