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Fucked Up, Mission of Burma, Jemina Pearl & Ponytail @ the Williamsburg Waterfront 7/12/09


The 2009 Pool Parties in Williamsburg Brooklyn kicked off on Sunday with a great lineup, perfect weather, and an incredible backdrop.
Jemina Pearl, Ponytail, Fucked Up and Mission of Burma played to a crowded park getting used to the new surroundings.
The shows now at Williamsburg Waterfront, a brand new state park overlooking the East River and the Manhattan skyline, are a change of venue from the old stomping grounds at McCarren Pool just a few blocks away.

Jemina Pearl, former lead singer of Be Your Own Pet, opened with her first gig with her new band, and got the show off to a good pace.
Ponytail was on next, and got a pit going. This turned out to be just a preview of what was to come.

Fucked Up took the stage and absolutely took over. Security had a rough task holding up the security fences, but they did a great job protecting the crowd as the surfers, stage divers and moshers went nuts. Lead singer Pink Eyes quickly ended up in his underwear and looked like he was having a great time passing the mic to the crowd and hugging and high-fiving everyone up front. The crowd ate it up, and so did he.

Headliners, Mission of Burma were rock solid, and while not as crazy as Fucked Up, they proved that they still had their chops, traversing through new and old material.
Despite the venue change, the Pool Parties are still a great way to spend a Sunday in Brooklyn.


The lineup for the rest of the pool parties can be found at

(Photos and Text by: Kurt Christensen)