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Good enough for Sigur Rós is good enough for us!

Just got a little note from the guys in Sigur rós, They are recommending this great band from London Uk called Fanfarlo.. Which kind of sound like the English Arcade Fire to me. Check it out.. It’s only a buck and it’s a terrific album..

Here is the note:

Our great friends in London called Fanfarlo are making their amazing debut album, ‘Reservoir’, available for $1 (USD) until Independence Day (July 4), along with 4 exclusive bonus tracks. It’s got Sigurrós and her cousin Disa on the front cover in a pic by Jónsi’s other sis Lilja (true), and we urge you all to go and get it straight away.

They made the record in Connecticut with a guy called Peter Katis and, as the more vigilant of you may have noticed, Jónsi liked it so much that he has started work on his own solo record with the same dude.

Get it here: