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Faces Reunion Plans Still Awaiting Rod’s Nod

A Faces reunion may still be in the offing this year — but probably not a full-scale tour or recording project.

Keyboardist Ian McLagan said that the latest idea, proffered by guitarist Ron Wood at a lunch in London with McLagan and drummer Kenney Jones, is “we do a couple shows and film it. Whether Rod (Stewart) wants to do that…I’m hoping he’ll be into that ’cause it’ll be such a lot of fun. It’s what the three of us would like Rod to agree to.”

The Faces, with Stewart’s touring bassist, got together during November in London to play for three days in various configurations. McLagan — who’s currently touring to promote his latest solo album, “Never Say Never,” which comes out March 3 — says the sessions were “really, really great.” The following month word leaked that the group would indeed tour, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea on bass, and that there would also be a new Faces album — the first since 1973’s “Ooh La La.” In January both Flea and Stewart denied there would be a Faces tour.

McLagan says that Wood is currently in Los Angeles and plans to talk to Stewart about the latest idea. “I’ll get a call eventually, and maybe we’ll do something in June or July,” McLagan says, ” ’cause I don’t want to do anything next year. I’m not gonna wait again. It’s either gonna be this year…It’s now or never! I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I’m not going to waste energy trying to make it happen. I’ve worked for 30 years trying to make it happen. It’s now in the lap of the gods — or the hands of Rod, maybe.”

The keyboardist adds that despite other press reports, Wood is “in great shape…and good spirits” and is not currently drinking. “He slips but he stops. He’s finding his grace, and it’s a struggle,” McLagan says. “He’s trying really hard.”

While he waits for word on the Faces’ plans, McLagan plans a full year of touring with his Bump Band for “Never Say Never” — which is dedicated to his late wife, Kim, who died in a 2006 auto accident, and features some songs inspired by the tragedy.

“Music is the healer — I know it as an absolute, stone cold fact,” McLagan says. “I wouldn’t be here today without the music and my band members, my musician friends. They kept me going. I’m doing much better. I’m fine now. But the tough times, I couldn’t have done it on my own.”