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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zinner: ‘I was pushed into dropping guitar’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ guitarist Nick Zinner has claimed that he was “pushed” into dropping his instrument for the recording of his band’s new album, ‘It’s Blitz!’.

The instrument seldom features on the LP, out Monday (March 16) – with Zinner saying that it was his bandmates and producer who coerced him into the decision.

“I was pushed into it,” he said. “We were working with Dave [Sitek, producer], and his thing is to rip up what you know. It’s a good attitude for musicians.”

Zinner added that although it wasn’t his initial idea to drop the guitar, he didn’t protest too much. “On the one hand I was very much encouraged to move on,” he said. “But on the other I was open to trying something new.”

Our view? Nick, Please pick up that guitar.. Enough with the Disco already..