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Pete Burns ‘critically ill’ in hospital

Pete Burns is in a critical condition after being rushed to hospital with kidney problems.

The Dead Or Alive singer posted a message to fans on his official forum at explaining how he collapsed last Wednesday (March 11).

“I simply want it announced I collapsed on Wednesday and was rushed to hospital,” he wrote, before explaining that he then underwent emergency surgery lasting five hours.

“They [doctors] found eight stones in each kidney but were unable to remove them as they were blocking both the kidneys, the urethra and bladder.

“I’m in a very serious condition on 24-hour intravenous morphine for the pain. Intravenous fluid as I’m so dehydrated and the kidneys can’t retain the liquid. I also have diabetes insipidus which is puling water from my lung, liver, heart and brain.

“I’m critically ill and under 24-hour observation and will be in hospital for quite a long time.”