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THE LONELY ISLAND: Incredibad (Album Review)

Truth be told, “Incredibad” is incredidumb, which is not to say this musical project (of sorts) from “Saturday Night Live” comic Andy Samberg isn’t also incredifunny.

Many of the songs here have appeared in Samberg’s digital shorts on “SNL,” including the wildly popular bits “Lazy Sunday,” with Chris Parnell, and “D**k in a Box,” featuring Justin Timberlake. There’s also a companion DVD with clips of those two sketches and others.

Timberlake isn’t the only big name here. Jack Black, Natalie Portman, Norah Jones and T-Pain are included, too. Jones lends her dusky voice to increasingly nutty refrains, eventually involving Chex Mix, on “Dreamgirl”; Portman offers a mock-violent and utterly profane description of an average day on “Natalie’s Rap”; and T-Pain gamely makes fun of hip-hop excess on “I’m on a Boat,” warbling backing vocals through AutoTune as Samberg and fellow Lonely Island member Akiva Schaeffer rap about, well, being on a boat.

This is not high-brow humor, but then it’s not supposed to be. There are plenty of sophomoric sex jokes interspersed with scenarios that are flat-out weird, such as “Boombox,” featuring the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas. Off-kilter humor is a trademark of Samberg’s, though, and while most of the songs here won’t have much staying power, they’re funny enough right now. Also, one suspects there are plenty more where these came from.