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Unreleased Version of the Beatles’ “Revolution 1” Surfaces

Anyone who has read Mark Lewisohn’s 1988 book “The Beatles: The Recording Sessions” knows there’s a good amount of unreleased Fab Four studio material that never made it onto any of the “Anthology” collections.

Several recordings in particular have intrigued fans, including the half hour jam of “Helter Skelter,” the sound collage “Carnival of Light” (which may see a release yet) and the version of “Revolution 1” that went on and on and became the basis for another sound collage, “Revolution 9.”

Well, the last of these has surfaced as “Revolution 1 (Take 20). It sounds pretty much like Lewisohn described it: Sorta like the “White Album” version, but with Yoko singing “mama, papa” in spots, and lots of craziness at the end that fans will recognize from “Revolution 9” (including that odd “guitar siren” sound, John Lennon’s cries of “all right” and the closing dialogue spoken by Yoko about “being naked”).

This track was probably leaked from the Abbey Road studio vaults and might not be up for long. If you’re a fan, you might wanna fire up (or download) the Audacity freeware sound editing program and record it before lawyers make it disappear. Tip: Use the “wave out mix” setting to record online streaming.