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Two Salty Issac Hayes Reissues

On February 24, Stax Records is reissuing remastered versions of two famed Isaac Hayes albums, 1971’s Black Moses and Juicy Fruit from 1976. And yes, the liner note booklet of Black Moses will fold out into a five-way cross shape just like the original album!

Hayes, who sadly passed away last August, will always be remembered for his distinctive, low, iconic voice. In the seventies, he was a soulful, chart-topping singer. Black Moses, a covers-packed ’70s soul classic, sat on the Billboard charts for 40 weeks; Juicy Fruit was maybe the best of four disco-stab slabs Hayes put out in about a year’s time. Then he experienced newfound fame in the late nineties as the voice of “Chef” on South Park.
(via CMJ)