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Sonic Youth Staying Weird On Matador Debut

Thurston Moore promises “heavy ass weirdo hooks” aplenty on Sonic Youth’s as-yet-untitled Matador debut, due this summer.

“When I started writing, I was immersed in listening to the Wipers,” he said. “‘No Way,’ the first song we recorded, has a total Wipers vibe, if the Wipers were a No Wave band.”

Moore says lyrics have been inspired by black metal bands, although he promises he’s not mimicking their delivery. Other tracks include “Leaky Life Boat,” which compares being alive to being in the aforementioned sinking ship, and “Burning Shame,” a tribute to the late Fred “Sonic” Smith.

“We’re super inspired to make a fresh start,” says Moore. “We’re glad to be dealing with a label that loves songs.” Beyond that, not much has changed. “It’s rock-centric, but still experimental,” Moore promises. “We’re still Sonic Youth. I still don’t know how to play the guitar.”

The group will play three shows in Austria and Germany in late April and is also confirmed for a May 16 set as part of the No Fun Festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In addition, Sonic Youth has teamed with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and composer Takehisa Kosugi to write an evening-length work in celebration of choreographer Merce Cunningham’s 90th birthday. The piece will soundtrack a performance from Cunningham’s dance company on April 16 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.