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Barack Obama for President

Looking for a change this year? Then look no further than Barack Obama (Nov. 4; Free). A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, and a compassionate community organizer, state senator and U.S. senator, this insanely awesome presidential candidate features sound judgment, off-the-chart leadership skills, and the ability to repair our standing with the world and bridge a super-divided America. In addition to intellect that we’ve sorely lacked the last eight years, Obama also comes with a tremendously competent vice presidential nominee (you betcha!), and tons of hope. Other features include tax cuts for 95% of Americans, a smart economic recovery plan, a health care plan that actually helps families, much-needed open dialog with our adversaries, non-grumpy grandpa temperament, and a green energy plan that will create tons of jobs. There’s simply no better choice for the 44th president of the United States. Vote.

(via uncrate)