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Hot Chip’s Al Doyle: ‘LCD Soundsystem haven’t disbanded’

Hot Chip’s Al Doyle, who has played as part of James Murphy’s band LCD Soundsystem, has made a clarification about an interview he recently gave, suggesting that the collective may have disbanded.

In the clarification Doyle confirmed that the band were not winding down, referring to a recent article in which James Murphy confirmed a new LCD Soundsystem album was on the way.

Writing on Hot Chip’s website,, Doyle wrote, “A news article has appeared, quoting me as saying that LCD Soundsystem is over, or that they have split up.

“I would like to clarify that LCD have not disbanded, nor could the entity be disbanded in the sense that it has always had a revolving cast of players – it would be like saying that The Fall had disbanded, or Prince has split up.

“LCD Soundsystem is James Murphy, and he’s allowed to take time off, do other things, and come back, or not come back. And he doesn’t have to tell you or anyone else about it.

“I didn’t know if anything was going on with LCD next year, which is the truth, and that’s all I should have said, but I gabbled on a bit because that’s the way I am…

“Anyway, I should probably stop doing interviews after this, which is already my second chance. But the main point to take away is that more LCD music is in the pipeline, which is surely good news for everybody.”