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Oasis:: Dig Out Your Soul (Album Review)

There’s more to Oasis’s oeuvre than What’s The Story Morning Glory, but no album since their 1995 hit has been as consistent. Every subsequent disc has had its great tunes and more than a few bombs, and those missteps prevented the band from becoming the next Beatles, whom they so badly wanted to be.

While they squandered their chance to become the new Lennon-McCartney a long time ago, their new disc, Dig Out Your Soul, is about as close to What’s The Story greatness as they can get.

With this balanced collection of solid rockers, more airy, toned-down tracks and far less self-indulgent noodling, Oasis prove they can learn from their mistakes. What makes this different from past efforts is that the songs are all insanely infectious, well crafted and, for the first time in a while, it sounds like they really care about their music.