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Neil Young to release 1968 live album

Neil Young is preparing to release an album that chronicles his famous two-night stand at the Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1968.

‘Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968’ is due out November 25 in the US and features songs including ‘Expecting To Fly’, ‘Mr Soul’ and ‘Out Of My Mind’. It was recorded just a few days before Young’s 23rd birthday.

Meanwhile, Young has reportedly pushed back the release date of his highly anticipated ‘Archives Vol. 1’. It is now expected to come out sometime in 2009.

The ‘Sugar Mountain’ tracklisting is:

(Emcee intro)
‘On the Way Home’
Songwriting rap
‘Mr. Soul’
Recording rap
‘Expecting To Fly’
‘The Last Trip To Tulsa’
Bookstore rap
‘The Loner’
‘I used to’ rap
‘Winterlong’ (excerpt) and ‘Out of My Mind’ (intro)
‘Out of My Mind’
‘If I Could Have Her Tonight’
Classical Gas rap
‘Sugar Mountain’ (intro)
‘Sugar Mountain’
‘I’ve Been Waiting for You’
Songs rap
‘Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing’
‘Tuning Rap & the Old Laughing Lady’ (intro)
‘The Old Laughing Lady’
‘Broken Arrow’