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Arctic Monkeys speak about Josh Homme-produced sessions

Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders has spoken about his band’s recent recording sessions with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme in Homme’s Joshua Tree studio.

The drummer said that the sessions went well and that the band may return for more recording. He did not reveal whether the sessions were set for the band’s next album.

“We did a few days in the desert and it was amazing,” he told BBC 6Music. “The studio is just like a house that’s converted into a studio, but the area surrounding it; you’ve never really seen anything like it.

“Before we went, he [Homme] was saying that special things happen there. We were like, ‘What can he mean?’ But it really had quite an effect on us.”

Speaking about how the new material sounded, Helders said that the desert environment may have added a “spaghetti western” influence. “Maybe subconsciously there’ll be some ‘spaghetti’ in there,” he said.

He said the band may return for further sessions with Homme. “We don’t know yet when he can fit it in or when we can fit it in,” he explained. “We’re gonna spend a bit of time listening to what we just did and see how we feel and what we wanna do next.”