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Guns N’ Roses album bootlegger speaks out

US music blogger Kevin Cogill, who was arrested by the FBI for leaking nine tracks from the as-yet-to-be released new Guns N Roses’ album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, has spoken out about the incident.

Cogill, who has been released on bail, wrote that he’s having a tough time trying to raise funds for his attorney and is finding the whole predicament rather stressful.

Speaking on his blog he said: “As you are all undoubtedly aware, I was arrested at gunpoint last Wednesday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and I am now facing a federal criminal charge by the United States Government of copyright infringement, after allegedly hosting a stream of nine Guns N Roses songs, for a brief period of time in June.”

Cogill then referred to former bandmember Slash’s recent comments on the incident, continuing: “As a result, many old friends, new enemies, creepy strangers and reporters have been cramping my style; Asking questions, offering to help, threatening to injure/kill me, wishing me luck, wishing that I rot in jail for the rest of my life, hiding in my bushes, et cetera.”

Cogill went on to say he wouldn’t be able to discuss the details directly as he is involved in a criminal case, but did explain he was finding himself in financial difficulty after having to fork out for a lawyer.

“I am trying to take full responsibility for my predicament,” he wrote. “I consider the burden of legal fees ultimately mine to bear; I have independently raised the funds required to retain my attorney.”

He added: “It’s beyond daunting, being a single independent citizen facing a full-force prosecution by the most powerful government in the world.”

Cogill carried on by saying he was going to try and auction off some of his possessions, and has asked people who are interested in donating to his defence fund to send money via PayPal.

There is still no sign of the long-awaited LP being released – 17 years since the band last released a studio album ‘proper’.