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Fujiya & Miyagi- Lightbulbs (Album Review)

Fujiya & Migayi are masters of introversion. Shunning the neon limelight of their electro-pop contemporaries, the Brighton four-piece seem content to keep their understated Krautpop in the shadows, lest an unhushed vocal or unmuted guitar disturb the neighbours. While rarely straying from the motorik template of 2006’s superb Transparent Things, Lightbulbs does occasionally make a departure – Sore Thumb’s gentle Italo-disco funk is a particularly welcome development, while Goosebumps’ oscillating organ is reminiscent of a pop-art Radiohead. Singer David Best again sensibly centres his whispered vocals upon texture rather than melody, with lyrics seemingly selected from a pool of pop-culture references by phonetic potential alone. Opener Knickerbocker sees Hans Christian Andersen, 1970s child-star Lena Zavaroni and Dietrich Knickerbocker all make an appearance – the obvious relish with which Best gets his tongue around each is as hard to resist as the gleeful propulsion of the track itself.
(Matt Bolton)