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Mogwai’s Martin Bulloch hospitalised

Mogwai – the mind-altering Scottish instrumental band, not the furry gremlin – have had to cancel their current touring plans after their drummer Martin Bulloch was rushed to hospital due to complications with his pacemaker. The drummer had only recently had his pacemaker replaced – and the band subsequently tried to auction the old one off on eBay, but it was removed by administrators – and was taken to hospital shortly after the band’s set at New York’s All Tomorrow’s Parties. Perhaps the crushing sonic intensity of a reformed My Bloody Valentine, one of Mogwai’s greatest influences, was too much for the stickman?

On the band’s official website, Bulloch posted the following comment:

“I was taken into hospital last night almost immediately after the show at ATP. I’ve been having some problems with my pacemaker for the duration of the tour and it unfortunately culminated in me being sent to the emergency room. The doctors there initially thought i would have to have corrective surgery at a larger hospital nearer NYC but i have been given the all clear to travel home on the understanding that i go straight to my cardiologist on arrival back in Scotland.”