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Shudder To Think Reunites For Fall Dates

Following a pair of one-off performances and the announcement of two festival dates, New York rock act Shudder To Think has unveiled plans for a short fall reunion tour.

The run will begin with a previously announced Aug. 10 set at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore and also includes a previously announced Oct. 25 appearance at the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans. Eight other shows are on tap through early November.

Frontman Craig Wedren and guitarist Nathan Larson will be flanked by mid-period drummer Adam Wade on the West Coast portion of the trek, and drummer Kevin March for the East Coast shows. The touring lineup is rounded out by bassist Jesse Krakow, replacing original bassist Stuart Hill, and guitarist Mark Watrous.

After not playing together since 1999, Wedren and Larson, at the urging of a friend, teamed to perform a few Shudder To Think songs at New York’s Mercury Lounge last September, and then again in February during a Barack Obama fundraiser.

“Nathan and I have gotten over our past bullsh*t. There’s no more real venom or puss left there,” Wedren said after the Mercury Lounge gig. “I don’t think there’s any weirdness there that would keep us from [playing together again].”

Shudder To Think rose to acclaim in the early ’90s American hardcore scene thanks to the Dischord albums “Funeral at the Movies” and “Get Your Goat,” which introduced Wedren’s operatic singing and surreal lyrics in tandem with the band’s idiosyncratic, art rock sensibilities. But Shudder split after two cult favorite but commercially unsuccessful albums for Epic, with Wedren and Larson moving on to a variety of solo projects.
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