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Butthole Surfers gig ends in chaos

A Butthole Surfers gig in New York ended in chaos after frontman Gibby Haynes was involved in a fight with the venue’s soundman.

Towards the end of their set at the city’s Webster Hall (July 29), Haynes motioned to the soundman that his monitor was not loud enough – by showing him his middle finger.

When the soundman repeated the gesture, Haynes confronted him and the two became involved in a fight, much to the crowd’s apparent delight.

However, the quarrel resulted in Haynes being dragged offstage by security.

The band continued for one more song, with guitarist Paul Leary filling in on vocals for ‘The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave’.

Despite the altercation, Gothamist reports that no arrests were made at the venue.