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Foo Fighters man replaces Beach Boy

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is to replace The Beach Boys’ drummer Dennis Wilson on an upcoming single.

‘Holy Man’ – with Hawkins on vocals – is to feature on the reissue of Wilson’s seminal ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’ album, which is released as a 2CD version on June 9. The single is released the same day.

‘Pacific Ocean Blue’, released in 1977, was Dennis Wilson’s only solo album and is often regarded as something of a “lost classic” since, owing to copyright issues, it was virtually unavailable for over a decade.

The troubled former Beach Boys drummer died in 1983, leaving a body of solo work unfinished, including the instrumental track, ‘Holy Man’, which did not feature on the original version of ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’.

Gregg Jakobson, the original co-producer/co-writer of ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’, said he chose Taylor to complete the track because he was in the “brotherhood”.

He added: “I always said: ‘Taylor, you sound just like Dennis’. “Taylor is just a natural. He came in, he did the vocal within an hour and I really think he knocked it out of the park.”

The 1977 solo album is set to be reissued on the 25th anniversary of Wilson’s death. The second CD will feature tracks from his unfinished ‘Bambu’ album