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Leonard Cohen Set For First Tour In 15 Years

As expected, Leonard Cohen is embarking on his first tour in 15 years this summer, beginning with a June 6-7 stand in Toronto.

The 73-year-old artist, who was inducted last night (March 10) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be backed on the road by Roscoe Beck (bass & vocals, music director) Neil Larsen (keyboard, accordion, brass instruments), Bob Metzger (guitar, steel guitar & vocals), Javier Mas (acoustic guitar, oud & string instruments), Christine Wu (violin, viola, cello & keyboard), Rafael Gayol (drums & percussion) and Dino Soldo (keyboard, saxophone, wind instruments & vocals).

The tour, booked by AEG Live, will hit a range of venues, including England’s massive Glastonbury Festival, but as of yet does not include any shows in the United States.

Cohen is working on a new studio album, which is expected before year’s end via Columbia.

Here are Leonard Cohen’s tour dates:

June 6-7: Toronto (Sony Centre)
June 14: Dublin (IMMA)
June 17-20: Manchester, England (Manchester International Festival)
June 23-26: Montreal (Place des Arts)
June 29: Glastonbury, England (Glastonbury Festival)
July 1: Oslo (Aliset Stadium)
July 3: Helsingborg, Sweden (Open Air)
July 5: Copenhagen (Rosenborg Castle)
July 6: Arhuus, Denmark (Raadhus Parken)
July 8: Montreux, Switzerland (Jazz Festival)
July 9: Lyon, France (Lyon Festival)
July 10: Bruges, Belgium (Cactus)
July 12: Amsterdam (Westerdam)
July 16: Edinburgh (Castle)
July 17: London (O2 Arena)
July 19: Lisbon (Passeio Maritimo)
July 20: Bennicasim, Spain (Bennicasim Festival)
July 22: Nice, France (Jazz Festival)
July 25: Lorrach, Germany (Stimmen De Welt)
July 27: Lucca, Italy (Summer Festival)
July 29: Athens (Lykabettus Theatre)
Aug. 3: Ledbury, England (Big Chill)
Aug. 5-6: Istanbul (Arena)
Aug. 10: Prague (Castle)
Aug. 12: Budapest (Sziget)
Aug. 14-15: Girona, Spain (Cap Roig)
Aug. 28-29: Vienna (Opera House)