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Keith Richards doesn’t know ‘if Mick Jagger shoved it up the shitter’

The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has revealed that the number of women Mick Jagger and himself shared was “a stable” -and has also discussed the sexuality of his bandmate.

The guitarist told GQ that after Jagger stole his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg in the Sixties he made a point of trying to steal the singer’s women for revenge.

Richards said: “I’ve stolen quite a few off of him and, uh, he’s nudged his way into my lot, but not significantly. After the Anita thing, I made a point of stealing every bitch he had.”

Referring to the number of women the two had shared, he said: “After Marianne [Faithfull], it’s a stable.”

Richards also discussed Jagger’s sexuality, saying: “I really have no idea if anyone ever shoved it up the shitter. I’m not there watching it every day. But there was, at the time, a load of excruciatingly painful campness that went on.”