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EMI to release Radiohead greatest hits; band not all that keen on the idea

Nothing says groundbreaking, credible rock band like a nicely packaged greatest hits collection. A group of artists who spent years developing their craft should have absolutely no problem with all of their most accessible material being crammed onto one disc, so value shoppers can get all the hit singles without having to worry about the songs’ context. This of course, is how the concept of a greatest hits album works in Bizarro world. In our universe, a band like Radiohead is somewhat less than jazzed that their albums are going to be cut apart and reconstituted by the corporate label they left last year. While a band with a catalog as diverse as Radiohead’s certainly deserves a retrospective at some point, it’s a given that they wouldn’t want it to come from EMI. No matter what Radiohead’s feelings are on the subject, however, EMI is within their rights and will likely release the album to coincide with the band’s North American tour. Venues for the concerts, scheduled to take place this spring, should be announced later this week.