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Yoko Ono sues singer for being called Lennon

John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono has suddenly decided to sue US singer Lennon Murphy for performing under the name Lennon.

Murphy, who has been performing under the name Lennon for eight years, was named after Ono’s late husband, and former Beatle singer, John Lennon.

According to, Murphy even successfully registered the stagename as a trademark in 2003 – consulting Ono early on in her career about using it to perform under even though, as it’s her legal name, she didn’t need to.

Ono apparently made no objection at the time but is now stating that Murphy “fraudulently” registered the name as a trademark.

She also added that Murphy’s use of late husband John Lennon’s name is “tarnishment” towards the deceased member.

Julian Lennon, son of the former Beatle and his first wife, has posted a statement from Murphy on hisMySpace stating he doesn’t have a problem with the singer using his father’s name.

Above the posting he states: “She has my full support.”