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The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead (Album Review)

If the four-year break since Love And Distance seems excessive, it wasn’t because Brandon Summer and Benjamin Weikel were dicking around their hometown of Portland, self-indulgently crafting this non-epic follow-up. Summers’s hard-living ways on tour led to a near total shutdown of his voice, and after a Rocky-like routine of reconditioning, the electro-pop duo return stronger and more on target. It’s brilliant news for Sup Pop, who’d love nothing more than to fill their aching Postal Service void and get those TV soundtrack deals renewed.

Much of Keep Your Eyes Ahead, like the softly plucked Shed Your Love or the Dylanesque Broken Afternoon, could easily backdrop drippy TV dramas, but that isn’t necessarily a knock. Both are beautiful tunes. Hallelujah and Back To This, similarly, have huge crossover potential, the former recalling the guitar pop focus of Modest Mouse’s Good News record. Get thee to a Grey’s Anatomy episode.