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Spoon’s Spring: New EP, Remixes, Tour

Fans hungry for a taste for new Spoon material need only wait until April 8 when Merge releases the single/EP “Don’t You Evah,” a tune originally penned by the Natural History.

The 8-song EP features the Natural History’s version of “Don’t You Evah,” Spoon’s version as previously released on last year’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” and new song “All I Got Is Me.” Additionally, Diplo, Matthew Dear, Ted Leo, DJ Amaze and Alan Astor and newcomer Doc Delay Fixerupper all had a hand in remixing the track.

“Doc Delay Fixerupper just did a remix of his own and threw it up on MySpace. Someone forwarded it and I thought it was just great,” Daniel said “The new Spoon track just didn’t fit in with the last record … but I like putting out singles. It’s fun to find these random little B-sides — stuff that’s hard to find.”

Spoon has been busy touring in support of 2007’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga,” having just returned from Australia and revving up to take on London and Lisbon at the end of this month. More U.S. dates are set for April, and a West Coast tour is slated for September.

“We always do a different set list every night,” Daniel says. “We’re trying to learn some new songs, plus some older Spoon songs or covers. We’ve been partial to ‘Peace Like a River’ by Paul Simon and I’ve been forcing myself to play ‘Finer Feelings’ [from ‘Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga’] live.”

The Portland, Ore.-based songwriter plans a long stint of time off from the road later this year to continue writing new material, though there’s no current plans to release a new album any time soon. “We’re always evaluating the recording cycle and the pace. There’s never really time to rest,” Daniel says. “I just want to make as much music as I can and, having to write the songs before I bring them to the band, that’s what my position is all about — it’s more important that playing shows.”

Daniel’s move from Austin to Portland has at least given him new lyrical and inspirational fodder while crafting new track ideas. “I lived in Austin the whole time we were getting the band going, and even before,” he says. “I’ve always lived in Austin. But when you come to someplace new, you learn to drive the streets, learn about the restaurants, bars and people I don’t know. It’s invigorating. I’m just jazzed.”

Aside from Spoon’s slate, Daniel also recently busied himself with another remix opportunity: he tackled Feist’s “I Feel It All” for a digital-only single package, released Feb. 12 online through the Arts & Crafts label. “I think that she’s kind of amazing, and it was great to be able to separate her vocals from the other tracks and just hear that,” he reports. “I just took some elements that were buried in the recording that weren’t the focus in the original release and bring them to light.”