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New Spiritualized Album Shaping Up For May

The new Spiritualized album is titled Songs in A&E and will contain 18 tracks; it’s set for European release on May 19th via Universal. No word on a North American release date yet. It will be the first Spiritualized full-length release since Amazing Grace in 2003.

There will be an Electric Mainlines UK tour in late Spring. Of course there’s other shows in the works, along with the recently announced Coachella gig.

“There may be one or two other dates in California at that time but they are not confirmed as yet. A more extensive Electric Mainlines tour will take place in July / August following the release of the new album,” reads a post on the Spiritualized web site.

In other Spiritualized news, J. Spacemen recently did the film score for the Harmony Korine film titled Mister Lonely. The film features Samantha Morton as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike and Diego Luna as a Michael Jackson lookalike. The Michael Jackson lookalike is lured into a Scottish commune by the Marilyn Monroe lookalike, only to find that the commune boasts membership by Charlie Chaplin and Shirley Temple lookalikes and more … looks like an artistic dramedy.

Songs In A&E Track List
01 Harmony 1
02 Sweet Talk
03 Death Take Your Fiddle
04 I Gotta Fire
05 Soul on Fire
06. Harmony 2
07 Sitting on Fire
08 Yeah Yeah
09 You Lie You Cheat
10 Harmony 3
11 Baby I’m Just a Fool
12 Don’t Hold Me Close
13 Harmony 4
14 The Waves Crash In
15 Harmony 5
16 Borrowed Your Gun
17 Harmony 6
18 Goodnight Goodnight