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Jane’s Addiction Raids Vaults For Boxed Set, DVD

Although it appears most of Jane’s Addiction’s studio outtakes/rarities have been accounted for and issued, classic live recordings are another story. Now, Jane’s drummer Stephen Perkins is looking into assembling a box set that will focus on memorable and previously unheard live performances from the group.

“We’re working on it,” Perkins said. “As far as the packaging and the content, it’s going to be loaded. We’re hoping to step it up into kind of a more ‘collector’s item’ sort of situation. As far as the content, I’ve got a whole six or seven boxes full of stuff. We’re going through it with Warner Bros., and seeing what’s appropriate — what’s usable as far as, ‘How far do we want to go with lo-fi?’ In a perfect world, I would hope to see it out by the summer, but I don’t think that’s possible. Maybe fall.”

It appears as though Perkins is more interested in collecting the uncommon rather than the common for the as-yet-to-be-titled set. “I’m partial to grabbing some live shows — live stuff that I recall being a really splendid night as far as the band having a good time on stage,” he says, saying he’d favor shows featuring Bauhaus covers as opposed to routine versions of “Ted, Just Admit It” or “Ocean Size.”

“There’s all those great ’91 Lollapalooza shows, where Ice T would join us, or Siouxsie, or Dave [Navarro] would go out with Living Colour,” Perkins says. “All these little combinations I know were recorded — we just have to find them.”

Perkins is also looking into assembling an accompanying DVD, which should include all three previously issued Jane’s home videos: 1989’s “Soul Kiss,” 1993’s “Gift” and 2003’s “Three Days” — with extras. “How they’re actually going to slice it up is being discussed,” he says. “But there is a lot of visual footage and a lot of audio footage. I’ve got a lot of stuff nobody’s seen — home footage. And when Warners takes a look at stuff in their vault, we’ll see what they pull out.”

With the impending arrival of the boxed set, questions are bound to come up regarding the possibility of a reunion of Jane’s Addition or the band born from its ashes, Porno For Pyros.

“There is talk always about it, but I guess talk is one thing,” Perkins says. “To really sit down, make it happen and rehearse — we’re not up to that point anywhere. [But] I think everyone loves playing those songs in both those bands and we miss it.”