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The Whigs:: Mission Control (Album Review)

“Like a vibration, my reputation is making the rounds at bars,” snarls Parker Gispert, kicking off The Whigs’ second full-length, Mission Control. It’s wishful thinking: For the most part, The Whigs manage little more than cross-breeding the dullest aspects of Strokes-esque formalist garage-rock with the all-volume, all-the-time approach of the Foo Fighters at their least subtle. With drums drained of nuance and guitars always overpowering, the basic song structures sound formulaic. The few songs with radical differences stand out as models of power-pop craft: A brass section makes the title of “I Got Ideas” believable, while stripping down “Right Hand On My Heart” to guitar, drums, and vocals for most of the running time shows terrific promise lurking underneath.