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Pete Doherty relapses

Less than a week after the Sun broke news that Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty had been filmed via camera phone taking heroin in his Wiltshire home, it is being reported that the musician is making arrangements to return to a drug rehabilitation center.

Doherty released a statement to the public expressing his apologies for having “let himself down [as well as] those who trusted and encouraged his efforts”, after what had seemed like the start of a landmark turning point in the rocker’s life and sobriety. Many had already begun heralding the end of Doherty’s notorious and lengthy drug troubles. He has expressed intent to “continue the hitherto excellent attempts he had made to break free of heroin,” describing his relapse as “a stupid, stupid action for which I only feel shame.”

There is no word yet on what, if any, affect this will have on Babyshambles’ planned arena tour, set to begin November 22