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My Bloody Valentine definitely back

The blog-o-sphere is atwitter with news possibly even more surprising than that out-of-nowhere “new Radiohead in 10 days” development from earlier this year. After months of speculation, Kevin Shields, the reclusive leader of legendary shoegaze act My Bloody Valentine, is confirming that the band is back together. He reportedly let this drop during an interview with ex-Nation of Ulysses/current Weird War musician Ian Svenonius for a program Svenonius hosts for, “Soft Focus.” The interview is scheduled to go up on the site Monday. Follow on after the jump for the reunited band’s plans…

Most surprising is that a new My Bloody Valentine album could be out before the end of the year. Shields claims the new record is “3/4’s done already” and “sounds like what we sounded like – different but not radically different. People will go, ‘Yeah, it sounds like My Bloody Valentine.’” No word yet on how or through what label (if any) the album will be released. There are also rumors that the folks behind Coachella are in talks with My Bloody Valentine to have the band play 2008’s incarnation of the festival.