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Sub Pop makes entire catalogue available on-line

We the good people of the Internet generation have made it obvious that we do not want to purchase actual physical cds. We want to download. We want to download until our eyes bleed and our fingers are numb from typing in searches. We refuse to suffer the indecency of being productive at work but we will scour the Internet for hours searching for obscure mp3s.

What is a label to do in the face of such maddening physical lethargy and technological cunning? Make its entire catalog available on-line. Indie veteran Sub Pop has done just that by making its 200 album catalog available in mp3 format for the price of $9.90 per album. All one needs to do to access them is go to, have a credit card handy and dive right in.

Granted, you would probably be able to find the albums for free elsewhere, but think of it this way: with the time saved finding Tad’s first release you can get an extra 3 hours of Guitar Hero III in.