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Ashcroft sees a heavy, groove-oriented Verve album on horizon

Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft recently told XFM that the reunited band are leaning toward the groovier side of their music as they continue to record new material for an album they hope to finish in the new year, according to Gigwise. “I think we wanna revisit some of our heavier groove stuff and take that somewhere else you know.”

Ashcroft also says they hope to headline Glastonbury next year, and tops it off with some of Cool Britannia-era pomposity: “I think it would be a travesty if we didn’t…Because I think what’s missing from a lot of the headliners is we’re one of the few bands that can jam without sounding like Lynyrd Skynyrd on a bad night, so we can actually take people on a proper journey, rock n roll wise.”

Unfortunatley, XFM didn’t grill him Tim Russert-style about comments he made to the radio station just a scant four years ago when he vowed that Verve would never reunite: “No, I can’t ever see a Verve reunion…I’ve never done things like anyone else does them, and that’s what everybody does–they get a reunion together–and I’ve got no desire to do that purely because it would just be a financial venture…It wouldn’t be because I felt there was unfinished business musically. That was our time, that was our moment, and it’s gone.” So much for not being like everyone else. Is there anything in this statement that they are not doing right now?