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Liam Gallagher must die before next Oasis album is given away for free

Oasis are no Radiohead. And Liam Gallagher wanted to make that clear recently when speaking to Reuters about Oasis’ current work in the studio for their next album. Yes, they are no longer with a major label like said band. But that whole pay-whatever-you-feel-for-a-download-shite is for the birds.

“Gallagher, peppering his speech with expletives, told Reuters it would be over his ‘dead body’ before he went into a studio and worked hard to release his work for nothing,” Reuters reported.

Don’t worry, it’s gonna be worth it. Liam promises “without a doubt” it will stack up to the seventh U.K. albums of the Beatles (Revolver) and the Rolling Stones (Beggars Banquet). I fookin love that guy’s arrogance almost as much as I love hearing him and his brother spouting off in the commentary section of the recently released concert tour DVD, “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down.” Go here to read some of the highlights. They hope to release their as yet untitled album in August.