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Tapes N’ Tapes ‘rock’ album due next spring

Tapes N’ Tapes have finished up their sophomore album and hope to release it this spring, according to Billboard. The band recorded in upstate New York with David Fridmann who’s worked with Flaming Lips, Weezer and Mercury Rev among others, but don’t expect any over-the-top, grandiose arrangements. Just expect some “rock.”

“It was nice to be able to work with someone who has a real studio,” Josh Grier said to Billboard. “Having a budget was awesome. It allowed us to have a real studio and get the sounds we wanted. We wanted to make a rock record, but there weren’t any over-indulgences. There’s no orchestral arrangements or anything.”

They recorded 15 tracks and are still in the decision-making process of which ones will make the album, according to Billboard. They’ve got one show lined up on Nov. 30 at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis.