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Jesus and Mary Chain working on new album

After calling it quits nearly a decade ago, the Jesus and Mary Chain are looking at late spring/early summer to release their comeback album, according to Billboard. And Rhino Records will issue a four-disc boxed set with demos, alt-takes and rare acoustic versions some time in March.

“When we ended in ‘98, we hated each other,” William Reid told Billboard. “A lot of that was down to drink and drugs. Jim’s completely sober now, and I don’t drink during the shows. But there is a kind of wariness. We’re both aware that we could snap at each other … but we’re trying to hold it together. We love this band, and we love each other.” Like that other mega influential 80s act (Pixies), it took the Coachella festival to bring the Reid brothers back together. “Once the first couple of songs were under our belt, we knew where we were going,” Reid told Billboard.