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iPod commercials are the new music television

Before it became the destination for The Hills marathons, MTV was the main tastemaker and hype machine for new music. As purely video programming has proved unprofitable, commercials have become the new music videos. Instead of tuning in to hear the new sounds, consumers hear the new sounds on commercials. The San Francisco Chronicle has traced the impact of these music heavy ads, focusing on the impact that iPod commercials have had on breaking bands of late.

In addition to the iPod ads, countless other artists have found that licensing their music has had a positive impact on their album sales. Moby probably started the ball rolling when he made every track on Play available for commercial sales. In a few short years, the industry has arrived at point where bands like Wilco have sold every track to a single sponsor. That Apple would follow this trend is elementary. It has a vested interest in creating buzz around new bands, rather than the standbys of previous ad campaigns. Whereas it’s cool to think that Dylan has an iPod, there’s no reason to rush out and purchase his song from the ad; most people already have it on CD. Totally different, though, is hearing Feist or CSS on a commercial and then plunking down the ninety-nine cents without a second thought. It’s almost hard to believe Apple took this long to come up with the strategy.
(via SF Chronicle)