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Morrissey signs new record deal, needs to be institutionalized

In a very exclusive interview in the current issue of the NME, Morrissey announced that he will release his new album through Polydor/Decca. The label will be putting out a “best of” compilation of his solo work in 2008 and Morrissey revealed that he is working on a new album. Just don’t expect the album to have a theme (in the event that you were):

“I don’t think there’s ever been a theme to any of my records, I don’t need the chameleon element of trying to entice people with new costumes. I like to think I’m complicated and interesting enough as a human being.”

And no, the never short on self-esteem (and David Bowie hating) Morrissey will not “do a the-phrase-that-shall-not-be-mentioned” and release the album on his own because it does not “suit” him:

“If they (Radiohead) think that can work that that’s a wonderful world. And yes, you can look at record companies and you can easily assess that they’ve been ripping people off for years and years and years. The whole process is a gigantic rip off. But then there are people like me who need to be institutionalised… and I don’t mean in an asylum!”