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EMI to cut RIAA funding

Back before the RIAA was an acronym to be feared, the big four (Warner, Sony BMG, Universal, and EMI) would give the organization approximately $132.48 million a year. In earlier days, the RIAA was friend to the major label, as they, alongside IFPI, provided valuable data about industry and consumer trends, and served to make sure labels and artists received money owed to them. Funny how suing a 12 year old girl from the projects will ruin your rep. Now Reuters and Slashdot are reporting that EMI has plans to significantly cut funding to the RIAA. It’s not such a bad idea; the RIAA and their strong arm tactics have made the already dislikable 4-headed behemoth even less appetizing. Sony and Universal haven’t had much to say on the subject, but Time Warner’s CEO has already apparently vocalized displeasure with the RIAA and their litigious crew. Time may reveal this to be the first in a series of debilitating blows to the RIAA, and perhaps the beginning of their end.