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Radiohead Countdown Site Revealed As Hoax

Earlier this week, the Web site began a countdown to an apparent announcement on Sept 29th, sending fans into a tizzy. Most assumed the site would reveal details about Radiohead’s new album, which is due next year.

However, the band’s publicist said the site is a hoax and that there is no plan to reveal any Radiohead news tomorrow. Indeed, over the course of today, the clock sped up and the site is now broadcasting a vintage video from U.K. pop crooner Rick Astley. launched amid a string of coded messages on the band’s official Web site, which have featured snippets of new song lyrics and such phrases as “considering dissemination.”

That is an apparent allusion to the fact that Radiohead is presently without a record deal, although reports suggest the band is in negotiations with a variety of companies to distribute the new album.