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Radiohead In Direct-Licensing Deal For New CD

Radiohead’s industry model-busting new digital album release, “In Rainbows,” will sidestep traditional authors’ rights licensing channels.

The album will be released as a digital download this morning (Oct. 10) via, with consumers able to decide the price they pay for the recording.

For the download version of the album, all rights — musical work and sound recording — are vested with the band, a spokesperson for the U.K.’s collecting society MCPS-PRS Alliance explains.

“No one is being bypassed. Rather the band, in cooperation with us, have created their own model of direct licensing for online,” says the spokesperson. The arrangements do not apply for the physical release — details for which have yet to be disclosed — or for broadcasting, which are being licensed under standard agreements with the collecting society.

Radiohead’s music publisher for the past 15 years, Warner/Chappell, stipulates that “all necessary licenses will be in place to allow proper payment of publishing royalties on both physical and digital sales of ‘In Rainbows.'”

“Warner/Chappell fully supports Radiohead in their desire to find new ways to present their music to their fans and to the wider world,” comments Richard Manners, managing director, of Warner/Chappell Music U.K. “These new ways are iconoclastic in nature; they acknowledge the realities of a digital society and they challenge existing commercial assumptions. It is in this spirit that band and publisher are working together.”

Modern rock radio network Xfm will premiere “In Rainbows” tomorrow afternoon. The station will play all 10 tracks uninterrupted from the 42-and-a-half-minute long album.