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Radiohead- In Rainbows (Album Review)

Radiohead bloody Radiohead, they make jabbering idiots of us all. Has anyone stopped to think that, this time around, it’s all a bit of a swizz? That the brouhaha surrounding In Rainbows’ internet release conveniently eclipses the music itself, a collection of odds ‘n’ sods up to a decade old? That they’re sticking it to their fans, not the man, by charging forty quid (About $80.00 USD) for a version with decent audio quality? That these whey-faced misery mongers might just be The Arcade Fire of a past-it generation?

Or not. Because In Rainbows really does present Radiohead at their most full-blooded and confident. Kid A-style weirdness adds colour to what are, essentially, ten of their most irresistible melodies, fully realised, in a row. Pitched at the heart rather than the head, romantic tenderness replaces clumsy political swipes. They sound like they had such a blast in the studio that you’d half expect a cheering children’s choir to come in. There is one. Final judgement demands time and perspective, but it’s already clear that In Rainbows is miles better than it has any right to be.
(David Jones)