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Portishead doubt future of ‘free music’

Portishead have dismissed the possibility that music will be distributed for free in the future, following Radiohead’s monumental decision to let fans download ‘In Rainbows’ for a price of their choice.

Geoff Barrow compared the idea of “free music” to not paying workmen for their labour.

Writing on the band’s website, he said: “So then…music for free, is it? Well, fucking great. So if you get our album for nothing or very little, does that mean I can get my boiler fixed for free?

“I could tell the plumber that it’s all for the love of sharing and it’s to combat the evil money grabbing corporation that is Zanussi. I’m sure he will understand.”

However, he then denied he was criticising Radiohead’s actions, saying: “I’m not having a pop at Radiohead, they are fucking good and clever with it. Anyways, I’m sure it will all become clear at some point.”

Barrow also shed more light on the progress of the band’s third album, their first since 1997’s ‘Portishead’, saying: “We met the label the other day which was good, I don’t think we scared them too much…well, maybe a little.”

He added: “Going to London to have a listen in a proper studio soon but until then we’re just mixing the stumps, stems, whatever. Thinking about names.”