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Radiohead to sign with XL?

The BBC reports that Radiohead are going to sign with XL Recordings for the international distribution of their upcoming release “In Rainbows.” XL Recordings is the so-called indie label who is home to The White Stripes and MIA and who released Thom Yorke’s solo record “Eraser” last year. According to an earlier article by The New York Times, Radiohead will release the album in the US through ATO Records and Side One Recordings. The band was courted by several major labels and one major coffee chain before opting to go with the smaller label. And, really, did Starbucks think they had a chance with a band that let their fans pick the price for the digital download? Who does Starbucks think they are? Paul McCartney? In the deal they purportedly inked, Radiohead will license the album to XL for a set period of time, but ultimately the band will retain ownership of the recording.

It is expected that “In Rainbows” will be released on CD early next year.