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Caribou:: Andorra (Album Review)

The fourth album from Caribou is the sound of the summer we’re only just getting round to enjoying. Caribou, known to his friends as maths genius and soundscapist extraordinaire Dan Snaith has relocated to London from his native Canada and his music now reveals touches of British psychedelia. ‘Sandy’, ‘Desiree’ and the multi-layered masterpiece ‘She’s The One’ (nothing to do with the Robbie Williams abomination of the same name) are refreshingly sweet, with beautiful baroque touches thanks to the guchin that Snaith learned to play during a visit to China. Essentially ‘Andorra’ sounds like The Zombies’ legendary 1968 album ‘Odessey And Oracle’ if it was reworked by Four Tet. So much so on opener and single ‘Melody Day’, that if people are still drinking pseudo-Irish cider over ice in 40 summers’ time, this song will surely soundtrack the advert.
(Nathaniel Cramp)