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Blur to reunite

Blur are to set to record together as a four-piece for the first time since 2002, when guitarist Graham Coxon left the band.

Blur bassist Alex James explained that the band are all in touch again and plan to record together – with the aim of making an album – in the near future.

“It’s going to happen soon,” James explained, speaking of imminent recording sessions. “It’s looking promising.

“It’s important for us emotionally not to leave Blur as an unfinished thing. It could be good musically as well.”

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree had previously said that the band were set to get together this month, but James explained that it was more likely that they would record in October.

“I texted Graham this morning and got one back,” he revealed. “I saw Damon (Albarn) about a month ago and I spoke to Dave yesterday. We’re all talking.”

Hinting at what a new album might sound like, James said: “Good guitars would be good. But I mainly talk to Graham about mandolins and prog music.”

Coxon departed during the early sessions for the group’s last album, ‘Think Tank’, which came out in 2003.
(Via NME)